NSA Courses

The Nutrition &  Skin Care Academy empowers skin specialists with the necessary tools to achieve outstanding, long-lasting results for their clients and patients.

Historically, nutrition has been the missing link in many skincare programs. Few colleges or higher institutions incorporate nutrition into their curricula, but this is gradually changing. Nutrition is the most important aspect of skin health, after all—you are what you eat.

The Nutrition &  Skin Care Academy is here to help skin experts of all type-skin therapists, dermal clinicians, laser clinicians, naturopaths, aesthetic medical practitioners—who share a passion for improving their clients’ and patients’ skin health. Our academy provides a forum for these professionals to contribute to and learn from one another.

I have personally found that combining my extensive skin knowledge with my expertise in nutrition and gut health can successfully manage skin conditions like acne, peri-oral dermatitis, and rosacea. By combining home care strategies and in-clinic treatments with dietary assessments and recommendations, we can address the root causes of these conditions and achieve optimal results.

Our academy aims to fill the missing link in the consultation process and provide a more comprehensive understanding of patients’ and clients’ conditions. I highly recommend the Link Between Nutrition and Optimal Skin Health Course, which can be completed as a comprehensive course or as individual modules. This course will equip you to confidently and holistically address your clients’ skin concerns from the inside out.

Our short courses are ideal for those who work with skin and have clients with inflammatory skin conditions that may have underlying causes. In these courses, we teach you how to have essential conversations with your clients, helping you eliminate any nervousness you may feel about discussing potential dietary and lifestyle connections.

The modules in the Link Between Nutrition and Optimal Skin Health Course are comprehensive and integrate seamlessly with one another. Each module can be completed as a standalone course, and a quick quiz must be passed at the end of each module to receive a certificate.

Skin specialists from around the world have signed up for our courses. Be sure to bring a notepad and pen, as you’ll be taking lots of notes!