A Holistic Approach To The Successful Management Of Inflammatory Skin Conditions copy

A Nutritional Approach To Inflammatory Skin Conditions

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This very interesting module looks at the pathogenesis and management of common inflammatory skin conditions from a dietary perspective.

Inflammation is typically a helpful response that keeps us healthy and thriving, but due to our western lifestyle, we are eating more processed foods and inhaling more polluted air than ever before. It is this chronic inflammation that is linked to modern diseases, and to inflammatory skin conditions.

In this Module we identify the signs and symptoms of each inflammatory skin condition and its effective management, from a pharmacological, to an in-clinic and home care perspective, using cosmeceuticals and therapeutics.

Poor nutrition is an often-ignored contributing factor to certain triggers associated with inflammatory skin conditions, and so this module identifies dietary choices that can have an adverse effect, while also highlighting the benefits of optimised nutrition for the successful management of inflammatory skin conditions.

By the end of the course, the therapist will not only be more confident recommending in-clinic treatments, but also more confident recommending nutritional support, that in combination, may improve treatment outcomes significantly.
At the end of this short course there will be a quiz to help further embed the newly acquired knowledge.