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Nutrition For The Skin Specialist

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Did you know that many of the latest advancements in skin care have evolved from the science of nutrition?

Scientific insights are revealing that nutrients are beneficial in protecting overall health both when ingested and also when applied directly to the skin.

As we are all fully aware, the skin is the largest and most visible organ of the body.

Like our other organs, it is subject to the effects of nutrition, lifestyle, and age. It is a barometer of what is going on internally. What we eat directly affects our skin.

Soil is depleted due to over-farming, people are so time poor they eat badly, diets aren’t diverse enough, foods lack nutrient density, and the majority of it is pesticide sprayed.

Good nutrition is so key to optimising the health of the beneficial microbes that inhabit the gut, and by extension the skin, and yet Skin Therapists are usually too nervous to have a discussion about nutrition with their clients because they don’t feel they are qualified to. If that’s you, then this is for you!

In this module we will also take a look at the importance of whole foods nutrition and the role it plays in skin health.

At the end of this short course there will be a quiz to help further embed the newly acquired knowledge.