The Nutrition and Skin Care Academy has been created to empower skin specialists and would be skin specialists, with the necessary tools to get outstanding long lasting results for the clients and patients that visit your practices.

So far nutrition has been the missing link. None of our skin therapy programs in colleges or in higher institutions, incorporate nutrition into their curricula and yet it is the most important aspect of skin health. You are what you eat after all.

I have already found that by combining my expansive skin knowledge with my knowledge of nutrition and the importance of gut health, conditions such as acne and rosacea have responded and been managed very successfully when the appropriate home care strategy and in-clinic treatment is combined with dietary assessment and recommendation.

The Nutrition and Skincare Academy courses aim to provide a thorough understanding of internal health beginning with the gut and its influence on our digestion, immunity and skin health.

With all the courses, there will be enough information provided to enable the clinician to return to the clinic, feeling confident about having a nutrition-related conversation with a client during the consultation process where relevant, without having to undertake additional tertiary study in Nutrition.

If you are interested to learn more about the courses offered through the Nutrition and Skincare Academy then please register your interest below.