I Love being a part of Chiza’s Course as it was a worthwhile and enlightening experience for me.Chiza is so full of knowledge and always happy to answer the questions. After attending her course, I now have all the questions in my kind during clients’ consultations about their diets, their digestion, gut health and so on This allows me to give my clients and insightful knowledge behind the concerns they have, have the clients leave, feeling like they know so much about the way their bl loved being a part of Chiza’s course as it was a worthwhile and enlightening experience for me.

Liz, Owner at Cairns Clear Skin, Queensland

Chiza was my first educator in the aesthetics industry almost 12 years ago. Although we are very comfortable with the products and treatment that we provide at our clinic but I always felt something missing. Gut health is important for a great skin. Attending the Nutritional Skincare Academy course has endowed me with confidence and a great depth of Knowledge about skin care and gut health. I have come to realize that good gut health is a vital factor in having great skin. With this course, Chiza has helped me take my consultations to another level and stay ahead of my competitors,”